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Welcome to the News section of DL
(ZZT DOS) Here you will find up-to
the second news, direct qoutes and
links to all the important ZZT sites.




- Eye on ZZT

The hoodian awards have recently been announced, so have
the Interactive Fantasies awards of zzt excellence or what
have you. Jojoisjo pulled in a massive amount of awards for
his "genre breaking and ground shaking" Gems and Pipes. Go you
Jojoisjo! You make the company Lame Game so proud.

- Communion

Well, the message boards are such a fickle thing. One
minute they are up... the next they are down. Such up and
downness in a non-lewd manner is enough to make a ZZTer
scream "WHAT THE DILLY-O?" The original boards are long,
long gone... PLANETZZT is dead... the only alternative
(NO, NOT IRC FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.) is IF's message boards.
Interactive Fantasies really signifies the ZZT world in my
mind. They are like the Microsoft, or the Dreamworks (I was
going to say Disney but changed my mind.) of the commune. It
makes sense that hapless ZZTers turn to IF's message boards
for help, and surf their website o' corporate goodness while
they are at it. The problem with's boards is that
Mousetrap, maintained by Butterwhore (among others?) who happens
to be Viovis's brother and a quasi-zzter himself, is out of
free space. EHHHH sorry. Didn't deleting all the info pages and
screenshots help? HUH KNIGHTT? HUH!?!?!?

- Company Watch

The year of the Snake! It looks as if it's turning out to be
the year of LAME GAME. The zzt companies website is up and
better then ever, created and maintained by the excellent
webmaster Star Dreamer. A lot of the Lame Game members are
working on very big projects and some plan many releases. I for
one promise to make more quality games for you all to enjoy. Thank
you! Good night.

ERI has gone through many many different phases and
leaders over the years. Viovis, Butterwhore, Fishfood,
etc. etc. Now the job belongs to (ex-IF member)Freezerburn.
You can check out the 6th version of the website here. The
new President is optimistic, and you should be to. With a new
generation of company members and a determined leader, ERI
could reach that golden age once again!


Lame Game the best ZZT company
Interactive Fantasies the other best ZZT company
Eagle Rock Interactive one of the few great ZZT companies

ZZT ARCHIVE the one stop ZZT shop
COMMUNITY LIVEJOURNAL free posting for everybody