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Welcome to the Previews section of DL
(ZZT DOS) This is the place to read
about the hottest, greatest ZZT games
in progress all around the world. Get
insider tips, qoutes, exclusive screenshots
and more!


(be on the look out for a new Randomized Dungeon)
(game by Theta14. The engine is amazing and fun,)
(as well as unique. This just may be the greatest)
(randomized dungeon game ever! Stay tuned.)

- (N/A)

Adventure Game
Ringworm and Oddjob
Release Date: Q1 2001
Screenshots: N/A

- Vietnamization

Release Date: Q1 2001
Premise: You are Anthony Hull, a Green Beret in the Vietnam War.
Outlook: Strategic Missions, lots of secrets to unlock. Think Perfect
Dark meets Rogue Spear meets Metal Gear Solid.

Screenshots: anthony hull difficulty select

- The Judge of Dreams

Adventure Game
Premise: After falling into an alchohol induced coma, you come
face to face with a dreamy afterlife world that needs your help.

Outlook: Inspired by Edible Vomit, Kudzu and Pop... this game looks

Screenshots: title screen